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XDU™ Single Earphones are an awesome addition to your splitboard setup and allow you to safely listen to music and still hear the mountain around you.
These custom-designed earphones use circuitry that mix both the left and right audio channels into a single ear — enabling you to maintain the alertness needed when in the backcountry.


Pair these with the earbud holders for the unlimate in backcountry listening!

XDU Single Earphones

  • Designed for wear in either the left or right ear, the in-ear style earbud features soft rubber eartips, with included varying sizes, for a comfortable, secure, noise-isolated fit.

  • -Gold-Plated Stereo 3.5mm plug (same as 1/8-inch size plug)

    -Includes 3 sizes of rubber ear tips

    -(1/8") or 3.5mm plug

    -Weighs 0.3 ounces (8 grams)

    -42 inch long nylon-reinforced TPU cord

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