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About Us


The Splitboard Shop is an extension of the custom splitboard assembly business, Mountain and Terrain Technologies, Inc. and was created to bring together custom splitboard assembly with factory splitboards and hardware sales into one place. The idea was to create a place where folks can come to buy all splitboard related products and have the confidence that comes from the many years, since 2000, of splitboard manufacturing on the M n' T side.


We are here to help everyone get involved and out into the backcountry with quality service, fair pricing, and being able to answer all your questions because of years of experience in custom splitboard assembly.


The Splitboard Shop isn't just another online retail site, we have individualized ourselves by creating a place where the consumer can come to get all their questions answered and finally make an educated purchase of all their splitboard needs and also know they can trade it in later after use. We envision this creating a depository of used splitboards for folks to purchase, a splitboard co-op or splitboard exchange, like a new and used gear store that only sells splitboards!


When humanly and/or mechanically possible, we use environmentally friendly materials in parallel with mindful practices when transforming your solid snowboard into your new splitboard.  Feel good about repurposing life into an old board to create a custom splitboard! In addition, we reuse shipping containers and packaging to help save the planet; so you may receive your order in a previously used box!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

How does the return of my splitboard for credit work?

Purchase a new or used splitboard from us and receive a return credit toward the purchase of another new factory splitboard or used splitboard in our used splitboard inventory.

So tell me the details of the splitboard return process.

The bottom line is that you can receive a maximum of 40% credit toward a new factory splitboard. So when you buy a factory splitboard from us and return it at the end of the season, in great shape, the full return credit of 40% can be awarded. If it’s more than the 1 season old a different return credit or complete exchange altogether will be awarded on an individual basis. If you purchase a used splitboard from our used splitboard inventory or have us build you a splitboard from your solid snowboard you are still allowed some sort of return credit toward new or used splitboards and splitboard gear. If you really just want some cash back, we will do that too. Of course this will be on an individual basis as well.

The Splitboard Shop buys used splitboards as well?

Yes we will buy your used splitboard! What would the point of a splitboard exchange or splitboard co-op be without downright used splitboard sales and consignment! Drop us an email, send some pics, and let us know what you might be interested in trading in!

What is the turnaround time for a custom splitboard?

Turn around time for a custom splitboard assembly is normally < = 2 weeks; this is from when the board is received to when it is shipped. During the winter/holiday season it can get extremely busy, so greater than 2 weeks is possible. 2 weeks you might ask?  Let's break down a normal split:

  • Split the board, seal cut edge. 3-5 days for sealing.

  • Install yin-yang hooks and prepare for hardware installation. 1 day for glue drying.

  • Install remaining hardware. 2 days for glue drying and installation.

  • Fill/repair base, tune, package and ship. 2 days.

As you can see there is potentially 10 days needed to perform a split on a board without any issues; throw in delaminations, top sheet repairs, edge damage, rotating system, and the time necessary increases. 

How do you seal the inside edge after cutting?

The board is treated with a water based urethane, like any fine wood product should be.  The core is wood, and requires treatment in this manner.  Sanding and the necessary coats of urethane soak in and protect the thirsty wood core from the outside elements.  Some people have asked about epoxy for the edges; epoxy is an adhesive, not a sealer. An urethaned edge can be readily sanded, repaired and resealed as needed; year after year.

Do you install a metal inside edge?

An inside edge is not installed. Experimentation with the installation of an inside metal edge determined it to be unnecessary.  The 90 degree edge created after cutting is sufficiently strong and sharp.  If a situation is encountered where you believe a metal edge would help; you probably should be using crampons or be boot packing.  When the board is in touring, that’s what it is, touring. They are not meant to hold an edge downhill skiing.  Ultimately the core to base material bond is affected decreasing time until failure, because a channel is routed and the edge is installed into the ski half when it wasn’t designed to be there.

The splitboard is great in powder, but has a lot of movement in the middle between the two board halves when on hard pack or resort groomers. What can be done?

If you will be doing a lot of riding in mixed conditions, or using your splitboard at the local resort, having another set of yin-yang split hooks installed in the middle of your factory or custom  splitboard will help with the slop of the two board halves and provide better stability in these conditions. You can check out some more details here.

Do you do repairs and tunes?

We repair and refurbish all snowboards, skis, and splitboards.  We can perform the basic tune all they way to a blown out edge and everything in between.  Contact us for a quote.

Where is your shop located?

We currently don't have a storefront for you to stop in and visit us but we are located in Huntsville, Utah. If you are local or passing through and want to check some gear out, drop your board off for a custom split, pick up an online order or just to have a chat, contact us!  We are happy to meet up!



How are Items Shipped?

We have flat rate shipping by shopping cart weight via UPS for all our shipping needs, to the USA, with the pricing calculated at checkout.  We will ship via USPS for P.O. boxes.  For APO shipments via USPS, please leave the correct shipping address at checkout.  For Europe and everyone else please be advised that shipping rates are sometimes strange and a refund or request for additional shipping fees maybe required.  We will typically use USPS for these shipments to help with brokering fees (VAT, taxes, etc).  If you prefer a different carrier such as DHL, USPS, and FEDEX, please contact us for more information.  All additional shipment charges beyond the shipping you already paid is your complete responsibility.


Warranty and Return

What is your warranty and return policy?

We honor all manufacturer's specified warranty durations, for the items we carry, from the time of purchase. Full refund returns are accepted for up to 2 weeks from receipt, of new unused/unopened items, with the purchaser paying return shipping; unless otherwise arranged with TSBS.  Returns after 2 weeks will incur a 15% restock fee and no returns will be accepted after 1 month, unless otherwise arranged with TSBS. Matters of warranty or trade-in are subject to individualized circumstances. With that being said, we are really here to help get everyone involved and are willing to work with any individual customer accordingly; don't hesitate to contact us. After all we convert, assemble, refurbish, sell and have been handling splitboards.... since 2000.

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