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Custom Splitboard Assembly

Have your favorite solid snowboard transformed into a splitboard for back country travel. We take the Voile split kit, add some upgraded hardware, perform the install and ship it back to you ready for travel.

Custom Splitboard
Standard Splitboard Assembly. $200

You provide the board, we do the rest.


This includes splitting the board and installing Voile kit, with our upgraded hardware, performing an advanced tune which includes base repair, edge sharpen/burr repair and a hot wax with your choice of temperature specific environmentally friendly wax.  Return shipping is included; we only ask that you pay to have your board shipped to us. 

FIXED STANCE ONLY-Your bindings will be set to the angles, width, direction, and setback you provide.

This price does NOT include the split kit and must be purchased or provided

Custom Splitboard
Rotating Stance Setup. $240

Don't know your exact stance or want to share with a friend? This will allow you to adjust your stance angles and goofy/regular foot position, just like a factory splitboard.


Includes standard splitboard assembly above as well as the addition of 6 inserts per foot, 3 in a row, which will provide +/- 23 degrees of binding angle adjustment as well as goofy/regular stance switching.

This is a FIXED WIDTH setup. You will need to provide your stance width.

If you want stance width adjustment, purchase more inserts.

This price does NOT include the split kit and must be purchased or provided

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TSBS Splitboard Center Hook
Center Yin-Yang Hook. $30

If you will be doing a lot of riding in mixed conditions, or using your splitboard at the local resort, having another set of yin-yang split hooks installed in the middle of your board will help with the movment of the two board halves and provide better stability in these conditions.


This is a great addition to any new, used, or custom splitboard.

Custom Splitboard Assembly
 Need a replacement part or a custom repair?


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