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This is the «OG Standard», designed for the team.


Based on our regular «hache» shape, the OG is buit with a blended woodcore of poplar, beech and palownia.


To enhance the power of the board we build it with a full camber, to give even more pop, grip and reliability.


The OG is the ultimate choice to ride the pipe and kickers.

West OG Standard Snowboard

  • Size 153CM 156CM 159CM
    Profile True Twin True Twin True Twin
    Flex Rating 6/10 6/10 7/10
    Nose Width 296mm 297mm 305mm
    Waist Width 253mm 254mm 260mm
    Tail Width 296mm 297mm 305mm
    Sidcut Radius 7.4m 7.6m 7.9m
    Nose Length 215mm 215mm 215mm
    Tail Length 215mm 215mm 215mm
    Set Back 0mm 0mm 0mm
    Running Length 1100mm 1130mm 1160mm
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