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NEW in the West Snowboards collection, the Muveran splitboard was developed and shaped in collaboration with Wests' dear friend Ota Tyl, founder of GARA splitboards, from the Czech Republic. Ota is a passionate snowboarder and a mountain lover.

With his skills, experience and his pursuit of perfection West Snowboards knew that the colaboration would yield some of the finest splitboards on the market.


The Muveran splitboard was developed In Switzerland, right next to some of the steepest and sketchiest alpine peaks, where West has a lot of mountaineer friends. These guys are willing to be on the mountain in any kind of conditions, they are always pushing the limits and need to get the best material ever to guarantee their safety.


This is why West Snowboards has created the MUVERAN, for mountaineering, since you rarely know for sure what the conditions are on the different faces of the mountain.


Real camber and full carbon provides the best stability in extreme conditions. Not to worry, west love's the fast downhill shred too and the efficiency of this board won’t affect the tons of fun you get by slashing windlips all day.


Shape by Ota Tyl


West Muveran Splitboard-21

$899.00 Regular Price
$629.30Sale Price
  • Size 164CM
    Profile Directional
    Flex Rating 8/10
    Setback 2.5-5cm
    Nose Width 305mm
    Waist Width 264mm
    Tail Width 290mm
    Sidcut Radius 9.2m
    Nose Length 255mm
    Tail Length 160mm
    Running Length 1220mm
    Stance Width 54-64cm/21.25-25.2in
    Weight ~3.4kg/7.5lbs


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