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In the West Snowboards collection, the Grammont splitboard was developed and shaped in collaboration with Wests' dear friend Ota Tyl, founder of GARA splitboards, from the Czech Republic. Ota is a passionate snowboarder and a mountain lover.

With his skills, experience and his pursuit of perfection West Snowboards knew that the colaboration would yield some of the finest splitboards on the market.

The Grammont is the perfect splitboard for the one going to surf in the mountains. Extra wide nose and a specific surfing shape provides the maximum amount of floatability and fun cruising with no compromise on reactivity. 


Manufactured by Ota Tyl / design Michel Kropf

West Grammont Splitboard

  • Size 153CM 157CM 159CM
    Profile Directional Directional Directional
    Flex Rating 8/10 8/10 8/10
    Nose Width 308mm 316mm 320mm
    Waist Width 254mm 264mm 268mm
    Tail Width 282mm 296mm 300mm
    Sidcut Radius 7.2m 7.4m 7.9m
    Running Length 1110mm 1130mm 1170mm
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