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You can choose a Spark RD, SP-Bindings or other puck compatible bindings kit with the ANY DIY setup or the standard Voile kit.  Both can be choosen with or without heel locks. This Kit is the do it yourself, saw your old board in half kit.  Includes all hardware needed for your binding configuration choice.  You can also choose which color of base material discs you want, white or black. Templates for DIY splitboard can be found here.


Voile DIY Splitboard Kit

  • Attention! Please Read! This hardware kit is for Sawing Your Old Board. 

    Installation instructions and templates can be found on our site or Voile.


    Any Splitboard Binding Kit NOT FOR REGULAR SNOWBOARD BINDINGS! This will get you everything you need to install the split kit and then use your Spark RD, SP-Bindings or other puck compatible ONLY bindings and hardware. Includes DIY Pucks, DIY Board Hooks, DIY Tip/Tail Hooks and extra tee nuts (x10) for each toe/heel touring hardware. If you need touring hardware screws, order heel here and toe here.  


    The Voile Split Kit includes all the DIY Voile splitboard hardware for using your REGULAR SNOWBOARD bindings and in  step-by-step instructions to split your old board. Glues, tools, and finishing materials are not included! Improvements include completely new Voile Split Kit Fixed Puck with 2-hole secure t-nut mounting and new slider pin lanyards.  Get your own factory stance template here!

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