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Voile canted splitboard pucks which are included with the Revelator splitboards.

The new Voilé Canted Channel Puck Set is all about options. Allowing for quick and easy stance adjustments, these pucks give Voilé splitboards with channel mounts a secure and precise fit to +/- 35°, and the 3° canting gives the rider a more comfortable and relaxed ride. 

Includes 4 Canted Channel Pucks, 8 M6x15mm Locking Countersunk Screws and Washers, Puck Alignment Guide, and Installation Instructions. 

*Works with K2 Splitboards using channels, although must have K2 specific T-nuts. 

**Not for use with DIY Splitboards. 

***Not for use with Splitboards with standard inserts. 

****Not compatible with Burton splitboards using channels.

Voile Canted Puck Set - Slider System

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  • These new Voilé 3° canted channel pucks are designed to give you options. They allow for a quick and easy stance adjustment with a +/- 35° stance angle and fast width adjustment in Voilé's channel splitboards. These Voile splitboard canted pucks helps the splitboarder to relax their stance by bringing the knees more inward toward each other. This helps promote the better alignment of the ankles, knees, and hips and relieves the stress from "bow leg". Weight: 9.5oz./272g
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