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The Splitboard Shop has searched and finally found it, the ultimate material for your ski or splitboard climbing skins. It works great as both a sesonally used cheat sheet and as a summer storage glue saver sheet. Made of a pliable, yet stiff material that withstands cold temperatures. One side is smooth concave dimples and the other side has raised convex dimples. These sheets come as one, approximately 150cm long sheet so you can decide if you like to use one for both skins or cut it in half and have one for each half folded skin. If you prefer to muscle your skins apart with the glue to glue method, these are great for at least protecting your skins from summer storage damage!

TSBS Climbing Skin Savers

  • 1 x Sheet

    Length - 150cm

    Width - 15.3cm

    Weight - 3 oz.

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