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The SLAB.ONE binding is a lean and mean working machine designed for fast laps, big jumps and  all-mountain shenanigans. The lightweight aluminium base bears our new highback with a straight and direct flex, as well as top-of-the-line technology from top to bottom. True to you in good times and in bad, this binding is the pick of the bunch for the dedicated ripper.


Large and Medium bindings have the same baseplate size; its only where the highback is placed that defines it as a medium or large.  If you fall inbetween sizes or your size isn't available you can request for us to convert to a medium or large and vice versa.

SP-Bindings Slab One-Multi-Entry

  • The sLab One  snowboard binding is SP's flagship the "One" to have. This binding is a workhorse of stability with the most sophisticated transmission available. Extra strong, extra durable, and ultra light thanks to SP's certified sLab-aluminum construction. This is the one binding to rule them all! 

    • sLab Patented Aluminum Baseplate
    • 3 Degree Canted footbed with G-cell Impact Absorption
    • Wrapped BC Highback
    • Ultralight 3D Ankle Strap
    • Aluminum Ratchet Lever With Anodized Finish
    • Evo Buckle System with Pressure Relief and Ratchet Lock
    • Performer Comfort Toe Strap
    • HC Pro Highback
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