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SP-Bindings team rider favorite, a true park ripper, the BROTHERHOOD is your partner in crime for loose park laps and street shenanigans.


Large and Medium bindings have the same baseplate size; its only where the highback is placed that defines it as a medium or large.  If you fall inbetween sizes or your size isn't available you can request for us to convert to a medium or large and vice versa.

SP-Bindings Brotherhood

$289.00 Regular Price
$187.85Sale Price
  • The Brotherhood is responsive when you want it and forgiving when you need it. A strong yet playful flex combined with a sturdy aluminium base make this binding the missing link between you and your board.

    • sLab Patented Aluminum Baseplate
    • CMF Tilt Footbed with G-cell Impact Absorption
    • TEAM Highback
    • Ultralight Ankle Strap
    • Aluminum Ratchet Lever With Anodized Finish
    • Evo Buckle System with Pressure Relief and Ratchet Lock
    • 2c Toe Strap
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