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The house brand of snowboard, wakeboard, kiteboard, ski manufacturer, Nobile Sports, comes Nobile's N6 splitboard.  

Perfect splitboard for first steps or for the seasoned rider with this universal, user friendly freeride machine. Based on Nobile's long history of board buiding experience, they have built a board you can easily begin your splitboard adventure with. The N6 climbs easily with camber underfoot and offers versatile possibilities to grow into, thanks to the work of Auto rocker.  This gives a longer effective edge, resulting in better riding edge grip and also when entering deep powder, the camber automatically turns into rocker and keeps the board up on top of the snow. A permanent front mini rocker helps ease turns in difficult conditions and leads out of powder onto the surface keeping you afloat and in control.

Nobile N6 Splitboard

$599.00 Regular Price
$419.30Sale Price
  • HARDWARE: Karakoram

    LEVEL: Beginner to Expert

    PROFILE: Hybrid Camber/Mini-Rocker

    SHAPE: Directional

    FLEX: 6/10


    WOODCORE In Nobile's boards’ construction, they use poplar wood which offers the perfect balance between weight, resilience and vibration dampening.

    ABS SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION In this structure we use ABS partitions to transfer force edgewise. Nobile's ABS construction combines qualities of vibration dampening and direct force transfer, which makes the board easy to ride and enable precise manouvering.

    SINTERED PREMIUM BASE High-quality, very fast slide Pros: Faster, holds wax better. Cons: More expensive, harder to repair.

    TRIAX FIBERGLASS Three-directional fibers improve the diagonal rigidity and also create well balanced side and cross rigidity strength and response.. As a result, you get an active board for aggressive riders as well as longer stiffness life.

    X-REACTIVE FLEX SYSTEM The carbon stripes are attached to the bottom of the core, which helps in moving the force without interfering with the board’s flexibility. Thanks to a better contact with the ground and improved edge grip, the board is faster on the slope and creates a greater edge respnse and hold.  

    APS CORE TECHNOLOGY The main common patent used worldwide. In the process of forming a board inside the press, the innovative technology of pre-stress is used. During this process the fibers of wooden core are permanently stretched into wavy form, storing the energy within the board’s core. As a result, we get comfortable yet dynamic board with optimal rigidity, user-friendly feel and excellent edge grip.


    (CM) (MM) (MM) (MM) (MM) (CM) (CM) (MM)
    150 294,2 251 291,3 7,5 49 6,5 1115
    154 301,5 257 298,5 7,7 51 6,5 1150
    159 310,4 264 307,2 8 51 6,5 1200
    164 315,3 267 312 8,5 51 6,5 1240
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