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All-terrain freeride snowboard

The Freeride is a directional all-terrain snowboard, built to handle any kind of terrain and snow conditions.


For 2022/23, the board has been reshaped for improved response at lower speeds without losing the high-speed stability Furberg is known for, making it our most versatile snowboard to date.



Furberg Freeride Snowboard

  • Long Turning Radius

    It is standard to use a longer turning radius on a freeride ski than on a slalom ski in the skiing industry; however, Furberg Snowboards is the only brand to adapt the turning radius for freeride snowboards. A longer turning radius generates better stability at higher speeds and, more importantly, gives the boards a calmer and more forgiving behavior by distributing the edge pressure over the entire contact length.

    Long Rocker and Reverse Sidecut radius

    When a board is ridden flat on the snow, a long rocker transition will make the nose of the board impact irregularities with a low angle of incidence and slide over with little resistance. Many snowboard brands are aware of this, but only we have combined the rocker with a reverse sidecut in nose and tail to maintain this low angle of incidence when riding the board on edge.

    The long transitions of the reverse sidecut make the board turn more effortlessly since the typical pressure points at the end of the effective edge do not exist. The overall result is a very catch-free and surfy board.

    Low Camber

    The best compromise between the flotation of full rocker, responsiveness and grip of camber help achieve even better all conditions edge-hold, more responsive behavior, and greater grip while skinning.

    Longer and Higher Nose

    Increases flotation and makes the board slide over irregularities in the snowpack with less resistance. The rounded corners of the Freeride Split improve durability and prevent the nose from catching the wall of the skin track when touring.

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