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The Furberg Freeride solid snowboard was developed to tackle any kind of snow and terrain you might find in the backcountry.


Furberg has shortened the sidecut radius to work better in all conditions; still long enough for high speed freeriding, but slightly shorter than previous years to make the board more reactive. Also all rocker and reverse sidecut transitions have been tweaked for an even smoother ride.

High-speed stability in combination with maneuverable and catch free properties has made the Freeride Split one of the most talked about splitboards of the last years. Its long sidecut radius makes the splitboard calm and forgiving, while rocker and reverse sidecut towards the tips make it float outstanding in powder and stay catch free in any situation.

Furberg Freeride Snowboard

$549.00 Regular Price
$329.40Sale Price
  • Slightly Shorter Turning Radius

    Furberg made the turning radius slightly shorter than the first generation boards to make the snowboards more responsive and playful on hardpack. But don’t worry, the boards still have approximately a 70 % longer turning radius than the average freeride board.

    Low Camber

    The best compromise between the flotation of full rocker, responsiveness and grip of camber help achieve even better all conditions edge-hold, more responsive behavior, and greater grip while skinning.

    Longer Rocker and Reverse Sidecut Radii

    Allows Furberg snowboards to be even more catch free and to maintain direction better when on edge more than before.

    Longer and Higher Nose

    Increases flotation and makes the board slide over irregularities in the snowpack with less resistance.

    One Board Model

    Both women's and men's models are incorporated into the new Furberg splitboard.  The 150 and 155 models are optimized for women/smaller men rider weights.

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