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The ultimate splitboard for the high-alpine

The Big Mtn Split is an updated version of the shape previously called Freeride Split. Its directional shape and long turning radius makes it our most capable big mountain splitboard to date, designed to excel in the most rugged mountain ranges.


For 2022/23, the board has been reshaped for improved response at lower speeds without losing the high-speed stability Furberg is known for, making it our most versatile splitboard to date.


Furberg has shortened the sidecut radius to work better in all conditions; still long enough for high speed freeriding, but slightly shorter than previous years to make the board more reactive. Also all rocker and reverse sidecut transitions have been tweaked for an even smoother ride.

High-speed stability in combination with maneuverable and catch free properties has made the Freeride Split one of the most talked about splitboards of the last years. Its long sidecut radius makes the splitboard calm and forgiving, while rocker and reverse sidecut towards the tips make it float outstanding in powder and stay catch free in any situation.

Furberg Big MTN Splitboard

  • New for 23-24

    - New rocker/camber profile for more support outside the bindings and improved pop.
    - Equipped with top mount Spark R&D Fixie Clips, eliminating screw heads on the base.
    - Extra heel riser inserts for better hardboot compatibility.
    - Updated ash/poplar/paulownia woodcore for an optimal balance between weight and durability.

    -Splitboards have extra heel riser inserts. This makes it possible to use hardboots with standard Voile heel risers on our splitboards or Spark Dual Height Climbing Wires without the adapter. This option is 20-50g lighter than any of the hardboot specific heel risers on the market.

    Locking Inside Edge-Technology

    A tongue and groove system has been developed eliminating the movement between the board halves. The new splitboard locking Edge-Technology assembles like a regular splitboard and rides like your solid snowboard.  Gone is the lack of response that splitboards have suffered from. Comes with a custom ice scraper that can be used to easily clean both board halves and bindings from snow and ice comes along with the splitboard. While not needed most of the time, this is a great tool to have for the conditions where snow tends to stick to the board.



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