The Pentaquark exists for seekers of the highest echelon of on-edge performance. Its carving-potency derives from its deceptively long effective-edge, a deep energized camber and its advanced construction. Approaching terminal velocity, you’ll be thankful for Antiphase, a proprietary Amplid tech, that keeps the Pentaquark civilised and precise.


Once mastered, unleashing the Pentaquark on freshly groomed corduroy is a euphoric experience, but taming this wild stallion is not for the faint-hearted.


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The Pentaquark is one of three boards in Amplid's Centrifugal Collection, a brothehood of boards designed for handling high speeds and maximizing the enjoyment that comes from simply turning a snowboard.

Amplid Pentaquark Snowboard

  • HEX02 Technology - Spin to win with effortless style. Amplid’s HEXO2 core replaces specific areas of weightier wood at the tips with featherlight recycled paper honeycomb, practically eliminating swing weight.

    Antiphase - An advanced composite damping technology, developed in house at Amplid, which reduces unwanted vibrations for a smoother more controlled ride.

    Lite Core - Uber light wood varieties are cut, treated and aligned in a way only our factory knows. Its strength to weight ratio has scientists baffled.

    Centrifugal Carbon - Unidirectional carbon stringers placed in the tail, to amplify pop and acceleration out of the turn.

    All Terrain Tips - A smooth kick radius and fuller tip outline improves deep snow floatation without adding swing weight.

    Biaxial Glass - Using Biaxial Glass in the construction of our shreds gives them a flawless blend of response and playfulness whilst keeping them ridiculously lightweight.

    Sintered 7 Base - Amplid’s ultra-high density sintered base goes like shit-off-a-shovel in all snow conditions. It is extremely hard and therefore more resistant to damage.

    Pre-Cured Impact Plates - Tough, pre-cured composite impact plates placed beneath bindings and touring hardware significantly reduce the risk of topsheet dings and breakages.

    Full Camber - Burly man-camber, designed for maximum edge hold and explosive pop. Full Camber is best suited to high-end shreds where performance is paramount. It’s hard work to ride well, but being slingshot out of carves and launched high above the coping is all the reward you’ll ever need.

  •   158
    overall length (mm) 1580
    nose length (mm) 220
    running length (mm) 1210
    tail length (mm) 150
    waist width (mm) 260
    nose width (mm) 306
    tail width (mm) 303
    sidecut depth (mm) 21.5
    sidecut radius (m) 8.6
    stance position 10 back
    nose radius (mm) 512
    tail radius (mm) 500
    ref stance (cm) 57 (53-61)
    camber Pop Camber
    approx weight (kg) 3
    rider weight-range (kg) 65-89
    active surface area (cm2) 4390


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