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Custom DIY Burton Powder Surfer Splitboard


So I wanted to share with you what I've been doing with the orders of parts and skins I placed over the past couple months. Maybe you were wondering what one would do with a splitboard on a small peninsula sticking out into the Atlantic. I saw the idea on social media and thought it was too cool not to try myself, given my penchant for DIY projects and a basement full of tools. I have no intention of ever selling or marketing this as that space is already covered by Grassroots Powsurfing out of Logan, Utah. I highly suggest checking them out as they have a really cool and refined product.

Burton sells a powder surfer 'blank' which is really just a rectangle of rockered plywood with a p-tex base. I cut this to shape and then split it down the middle before installing Voile hardware and making a threaded rod with handle nut to snug the two halves together.

A universal binding set was made using aluminum channel and a pair of old crampons, and the small set of Voile skins was cut to fit.

The whole thing should prove perfect for backcountry exploration close to home as we've got plenty of wide open sand dunes that rarely see foot traffic during the winter months and if the wind lays down, can get a nice deep covering of powder. Should be great for short treks in the White Mountains as well.

Thanks for the help along the way.


Cape Cod, MA

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