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Illuminati Hybricon 168.5CM

Thanks for the sweet ride. Finally got it out in April after 100" of new snow in the first two weeks. Went up to Tuckerman Ravine, on Mt Washington, NH. It's some of the gnariest, fall-and-you-die terrain in the US due to the access, avy danger, 60+ degree slopes, weather, and instable snow pack. It functioned better than I had imagined down narrow chutes and over rocks. In areas where I needed a solid, dependable ride, it was there- edge hold was not compromised nor was the structural integrity. It rode about the same as how the board rode before it was split and I have to say I hardly noticed a difference. Riding fakie was normal as was buttering. Splitting is quick and painless and I could motor up pretty steep areas with the skins. Dean, thanks for the hook up...You did a great job!

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