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Channel-like stance adjustability for splitboards built with inserts. Believe it. This breakthrough in design has riders beyond stoked , and has made Spark Pucks the most popular splitboard accessory.

All the same great features of our Spark Canted Pucks come with 3° canting for reduced knee strain. Near infinite adjustability for splitboards with inserts. Quick mounting with super fine foot placement, angle, and toe/heel centering adjustments.

Spark RD Canted Pucks

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  • 3° Canting:  With 3° of canting to reduce strain, your knees will thank you.

    Oversize Disk: Center disk overlaps binding channels for maximum strength and rigidity.

    Adjustability: near infinite adjustability, for your perfect stance placement.

    +/- 1/4 inch (6.5mm) of toe/heel adjustment in .5 inch (1.3mm) increments. 

    +/- 30° angle adjustments in 3° increments. 

    Stance width adjustments: .17 inch (4.2mm) increments. 

    Superior Materials: Bindings slide on soft nylon for effortless installation. Discs are made of aluminium.

    Weight: 11.36 oz/pr (322g)


  • Compatible with all splitboards using the industry standard splitboard insert pattern. For use with all puck compatible splitboard bindings (with the exception of the K2 Kwicker).

    Not Compatible with channel style splitboards or DIY splitboards (unless the DIY has the industry standard inserts).

    Not compatible with regular Spark Puck screws.

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