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The Ortovox 3+ avalanche beacon uses their latest digital 3 antenna technology combined with microprocessor control to help you be found. The, internet update-able, 3+ is the workhorse avalanche beacon from Ortovox and comes with a comfortable bag and hand loop.

Ortovox 3+

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  • -Automatic switching in case of a secondary avalanche

    -Intuitive search acoustics with Smart-Antenna-Technology

    -Displays multiple victims

    -Visual support at fine search

    -Ability to mark individuals in a multi burial scenario

    -Permanent transmitter monitoring


    -Backlight Display

    -Recco Reflector Inside

    -Partner Check

    -Receive Function: digital

    -No. of antennas: 3

    -Max. range / search strip width (im/m): 40m/<40m

    -Batteries: 1AA Alkaline 1,5 V

    -Transmission capacity: 250h

    -Dimensions (mm): 122 x 73 x 27

    -Weight (incl. battery and case): 210g

    -Warranty: 5 years with registration

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